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CDM Services for Contractors


The 2015 CDM Regulations have significantly changed the scope of contracts that now require CDM input such as construction phase plans (CPP) and associated documentation. But there is no "one size fits all" solution. The documentation and resources you require to construct a sports stadium are completely different to building a conservatory on the side of a house!


So how do you pitch your approach efficiently, ensuring enough time and resource is spent covering your statutory and moral duties, but equally avoid wasting time producing pages of documents that are un-necessary and entirely disproportionate to the job in hand?


One way is to use the basic 2 page HSE approved CPP template, which is downloadable from the HSE site. Alternatively, clients can find the form in the "Client Area" on this website. Just another resource available for subscribers. 


Foresight Safety is well placed to help contractors embarking on contracts of any type or size. We can advise on the contents of a construction phase plan as well as your responsibilities and level of authority, and provide well tried ideas on how to set up and resource a contract - all the while watching expenditure.


Call us with your requirements and see if we can help. You will find our rates extremely competitive.   

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