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"Safety Specks" - a Newsletter with content relevant to you


Part of our function as consultants is to keep clients fully informed about developments in legislation, regulation and best practice


We keep an eye on the trade press, websites such as the HSE, and talk to other safety professionals. Some of what we learn is irrelevant to construction and building so we filter that out, but there is other stuff you should know.

We take the jargon out of legislation and tell you the important bits in plain English. We see its effect on sites, how the people you work for interpret it and how it affects people working on sites and projects. Then we tell you.

Apart from law and regulations, we see good and bad practice and some brilliant innovations from suppliers and how these are used. And we tell you that too.

Big contractors and many clients like authorities and housing associations have their own views on how safety should be done on site. We get opinions from them and see trends develop in current thinking, like training requirements and PPE use. Then we tell you that and how you can handle the more bizarre interpretations of "best practice".

What about offices, yards or storage areas? These don’t get left out. Many newsletter articles cover fire risk assessment and procedure in fixed workplaces, such as risks faced by regular computer users and safety in company stores.

And if we find someone selling a safety product cheaper than the going rate, we tell you that too.

"Safety Specks" is a newsletter aimed to help keep you updated. Ask for sample copies.

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